Case for Jesus the Messiah John Ankerberg

ISBN: 9780890817728

Published: August 1st 1989


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Case for Jesus the Messiah  by  John Ankerberg

Case for Jesus the Messiah by John Ankerberg
August 1st 1989 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 0 pages | ISBN: 9780890817728 | 5.14 Mb

Are there remarkable prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures which identify a future Messiah? Are these prophecies so exact that they predict specific future events such as the exact time & place of birth? Have these prophecies been miraculously fulfilled? If so, what does this signify? Could these prophecies indicate the Judeo-Christian Scriptures are a divine revelation & could they constitute evidence that even skeptics would have to consider?In this book 3 scholars, trained in apologetics, comparative religion, & the Semitic languages & the Old Testament examine the evidence for fulfilled prophecy.Do you like mysteries?

Can you unravel from the Scriptural evidence the identity of the one predicted? The authors approach to the topic is like searching for clues in a mystery novel. If you have ever asked if there is evidence that reveals the reality & nature of God, the answers the authors have uncovered may cause you to reexamine your view of reality.

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